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Your Source for 'how to'

Camping is fun, exciting, and a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends. However, if it's your first time in a camper, pulling a different camper than you're used to, or setting up camp somewhere new, it can also be a little overwhelming.  

Not to worry; we're here to help!

First, feel free to call us anytime- especially if you're unsure or have a problem.   We are starting to compile some resources to answer our most common questions. Please take a look below.

And please check out Gulf Coast Campers - The Store!  It's our retail and online store. Take our advice!! Learn from our years of experience in renting campers, we have become the experts in products that are tried and true! 

Great camping experience. We just showed up like we were at a hotel and everything was set up and ready! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

- Brandy Minnon Duprey

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